About us

Ningbo Hengliang Int’l Economic Trade Coop.,LTD is a fully licensed comprehensive trading service company registered with the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Municipal Government of Ningbo. Our team with rich experience in international trade and support services operates from a Company-owned state-of-art modern office facility in the heart of the Central Business District of Ningbo, home to the world’s largest port by cargo throughput. Since its foundation in 2001, our team has for consecutive fiscal years the Company serviced a stable annual import and export value of more than USD 100 million and has developed partnerships with clients from more than 180 markets worldwide and expertise in sectors such as machinery, home electrical appliance, electronics, home textile fabrics, bathroom accessories, garments, luggage, footwear, hats, furniture, plastics, hardware and measure tools, automobile and motorcycle parts, outdoor and leisure activity accessories.

Our services:

As a comprehensive platform for international trading services, our offers cover export, import, and value-added services. Our core values are derived from high quality services leveraged by specialist expertise, and our advantages include:

  • Online status tracking of business progress
  • Integration and sharing of business management data
  • Separate and enclosed management of business funding
  • Dynamic update and real-time settlement of business funding
  • Remote submission and real-time processing of business operations

We care about:

  • Pre-requisite: security of business channel and funding
  • Objective: mutual benefit and win-win
  • Core: long term partnership of mutual growth and development
  • Principals: integrity, fairness, transparency, precision, efficiency
  • Foci: rights and responsibilities, recognition and understanding of business ideals

Export services

  • Arrangement of Shipping space, container and documentation
  • Application of export documentation
  • Customs declaration for export goods
  • Foreign currency settlement and payment
  • Check, import and warning of customs clearance information
  • Tax refund services: preparation of documents, advance payment, and declaration

Import services

  • International supplier research and contact
  • Signing of buy-sell contract or contract of agency by mandate
  • Design of international payment methods or terms of Letter of Credit
  • Tracking of contract execution
  • Declaration and clearance of customs
  • Foreign currency purchase from bank and payment of tariffs
  • Customs clearance and cargo pick-up

Value-added services

  • Due diligence on international clients
  • Export credit insurance
  • Financing on credit insurance and on negotiation under guarantee
  • Long-term foreign currency trading
  • Overseas warehousing and shipping agency
  • International exchange activities organized by governments and trade associations
  • Invitation letter for business visitor visa for China
  • Domestic and international trade fair services, and field trip arrangement

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